May is Mental Health Awareness month and we are reminded to engage in self care. With the ongoing pandemic , isolation, and restrictions , it can be difficult to attain balance. There has been a marked increase in people seeking mental health services. What is wonderful about this is that there are so many resources available .

One key to remember when you are seeking mental health providers, is that you need to make sure the provider is a good fit for your needs. It is equivalent to picking a great medical doctor. You check for their level of compassion and paying attention to your concerns. You want to ensure that you are not just going to someone who will automatically rush to medication, without exploring other options. If there is a need for medication regarding your diagnosis, IT'S OK. You just want to get to that conclusion together and not just by decision of the therapist.

I enjoy my talks with my therapist. We chat more when I am transitioning from one part of life or healing to another. She is able to use a virtual space to accommodate our talks and that is convenient. Our first conversation was to see if we were a good fit for each other. We didn't continue until we concluded that we were cohesive. Therapy should only be a RESOURCE. When you make therapy a continual weekly or monthly practice, without healing or growing , then the therapy is not producing a positive result. One of the things that therapy does is open the door to different perspectives of life events. You also could add other resources. Coupled with therapy you can have a coach, a mentor or a supportive friend group. These resources are in addition to therapy and can all work toward your overall emotional well being.

One other thing to consider while you are on your healing journey is EXPECTATIONS of family and friends. Dependent upon your state of mind and what you are dealing with, some may choose to not walk the journey out with you UP CLOSE. Be careful not to see your family and friends as opposition. There are times that it is best to only have inner circle filled with those that will encourage your healing, but not condone you remaining settled. If you are trying to work through healing and habits that are not good for you, being around people that aren't paying attention to healing or their habits , WILL WORK AGAINST YOU. You will have an excuse to remain toxic or traumatized. Allow people to choose how they will support you without demanding they show up in a certain way.

Healing is YOUR CHOICE,


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