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Your INDEPENDENCE DAY !! Embracing Ascension and Spiritual Awakening !

Many are firing up grills and gathering their families for fireworks in preparation for Independence Day Festivities!!! As I sit and think about the word independence so much comes to mind. The word FREEDOM pops up first. Now I am not speaking in regards to the holiday, but in regards to where I find right myself at this moment.

As we move higher spiritually there is something that will be required of us. The more you awaken spiritually, EMBRACING ASCENSION will be vital in your journey. This is beyond religion or routine practices. This is truly developing your relationship with the Holy Spirit that your entire landscape of life changes. It is moving and flowing from your SPIRITUAL POSITION, not your natural limitations.

What I have found in my embracing this journey is that I have experienced SUCH FREEDOM! The restrictions I placed on myself because others placed them on me, has been removed. I get to experience a divine relationship with the Spirit that no one can taint with their thoughts or beliefs. I understand fully that I am suppose to ascend , I was never designed to stay in the same place spiritually.

So what are you willing to embrace to experience FREEDOM?

Ascending With You,


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