I am an EMPATH! It took me a while to figure it out!

I never thought that my gifts would expand beyond the church arena. My story in a nutshell is I was groomed in church. Trained , Educated and Ordained. Prophetically trained and knowledgeable of the gifts of the Spirit. I thought that was all I could do. I had no idea there was MORE!

The way I found out that there was more was I decided to seek more knowledge. I delved into intuitive gifts and how we can use those gifts in healing. I am ALL THINGS HEALING. It is my purpose to provide strategies and insight to transmute pain to transformation. I came across and article that listed the straits of the EMPATH. It was as if the journey being guided by the Spirit took me right to it. I begin to look at the list of traits and all of a sudden like clockwork my mind went back to childhood. I begin to recall the empathy and compassion I had . I remembered how I could feel the vibe in the room. I remembered how it felt to know how to guide others in uprooting deep seated issues. I KNEW IT AND DIDN'T KNOW HOW I KNEW IT!

Check out this article from Psychology Today by Dr. Judith Orloff


I purchased books and begin to connect the dots. I realized that I not only was Prophetic ,able to foresee the future and guide others, I was an EMPATH sent to this earth plane to help heal the planet. All the pieces fell together. This was the more I was seeking. I begin to align with other Empaths and boy did my soul OPEN UP! I found a whole tribe of intuitive and prophetic healers. They were embracing their gifts and sharing them with the world. I always had a deep desire to go beyond the church with my gifts and THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM DOING!

Breathing Deeply,


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