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Updated: May 14

Identifying my HSP trait HAS WORKED WONDERS FOR ME. I had all these sensitivities to things but never really understood why. I knew that I couldn't do crowds but for so long. I was becoming more and more introverted , which was a clash with my previous fully extroverted life. I kept thinking I am just overly sensitive and feeling was just not my happy place. I tried to suppress all I could but it didn't work. Not only did I have to get accustomed to the energies I felt, the HSP personality trait required I rest more to recover. My nervous system couldn't handle but so much stimulation. It helped explain my issues with anxiety in my 30s to early 40s. I was literally running my nervous system into a frenzy.

Since I love reading , I fell upon articles and books about sensitivity , trying to find out what was UP! I located all this HSP info and was like MAN WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE! LOL.

Check this out!!! https://highlysensitiverefuge.com/highly-sensitive-person-signs/

In the midst of all of my emotions and feelings and chaos I called overthinking, there was a reason WHY! I now have a treasure trove that I grow on a monthly basis of coping strategies for HSP's . I help other HSP's by supporting their journey and helping them to realize it's ok to be a HSP. I even realized how much I loved being single even the more after I researched the traits. I needed recharge and rejuvenation time. I needed the solitude , free of cohabitation . I enjoyed connecting and being in relationships but I didn't desire marriage. There was a freedom that came with this knowledge. I can create the relationship dynamics I wanted without feeling guilty about not doing it like everyone else.

If you feel you are a HSP don't fret! Begin to do your research. No one is going to drop books and articles on your doorstep. I am here to support you on this journey. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Dig until you find the answers and see it as a gift not a burden.

I AM A LIBERATED HSP:) I love knowing who I really am , without the mask of what others wanted me to be.

Your HSP Mentor,


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