Healing Mother Wounds !

When we think of mother's we typically don't attach wounds . Many have experienced lack of nurturing that makes you feel unwanted and undervalued. When we do not heal these wounds, we attract those that are resonating at the same vibe.

Mother wounds can show up in many ways. It could be detached mother, lack of nurturing, physical or verbal abuse and the list goes on. There are mothers who are jealous of their children and exhibit narcissistic traits. No matter how the wound shows up , HEALING is the solution.

These wounds can bleed for years. They can cause separation of mother and child . Now in all cases a person may not be able to reconcile with their mothers. Reconciliation is not the most important thing. Contrary to what many think RELEASE is more important than reconciliation. Releasing the pain allows you to heal the wound. Reconciliation may not come . An apology may never be given but RELEASE can still take place. We would all like to believe that we will one day attain what we have desired from our mothers or mother figures. We have to be ok if that ideal picture doesn't happen. What is most ideal is that you create room to receive love and continue to give love. You want to be able to create healthy relationships and mother wounds can block your openness to receive.

There are many ways to address and heal mother wounds , here are just a few....

  1. Have a heart to heart conversation with your mother (only if you are able)

  2. Write a letter ( you can choose to mail or discard it ) . It releases negative feeling and creates space for love to enter.

  3. If you mother has passed, visit the gravesite (only if it doesn't trigger) and speak what you feel, it symbolizes release.

This is only three ways , there are soooo many. Each suggestion shows some level of release of your negative feelings. Be led by your inner knowing on the best way to release and heal your mother wounds. It will open doors of energetic free flow. You will be emotionally benefited, because of your courage to release.

Healed and Restored,


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