Eating Organically assists INNER HEALING!

Ok before I start this blog, let me issue a disclaimer, I am not vegan or vegetarian. HOWEVER , as I move more into my own healing and guiding other on a healing journey, I have made dietary adjustments. I am now proud to say that I have cut down my meat intake to maybe twice a week . I usually have chicken or a lean meat. I do eat in moderation. So by percentage I believe I am plant based 75% , seafood 5% and other 20% . I am slowly lowering that number. :)

I first saw the benefits of eating more organically on my own healing journey. I slept better at night. I felt more energetic. I drank even more water because my body craved it. I love herbal teas so I have added those as well. I do some sort of exercise daily and it is a must for me to be out in nature.

When you are releasing trauma and trapped emotions , you are affected not only emotionally but physically. I know you have heard of all the dis-EASE that can happen by holding trauma. Our cells have a memory and our bodies keep score. If we keep the toxic sludge of trauma, brokenness and pain in the body , it manifests in illness. Organic eating puts your body back into homeostasis. You need the balance to really engage in the healing.

It has worked wonders for me and it is what I have implemented with my clients. We all may never be 100% vegan or vegetarian. We can eat organically most of the time and then our bodies will crave those healthy foods. You get a mind, body and spirit benefit by eating better and exercising.

Eating Well and Moving Often,


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