The holidays are a great time for shopping. All those sales and bargains will make a person like me feel like a kid in a candy store LOL. You walk into the store and everything is labeled. The entrances, exits, aisles, racks and I could go on and on. The label describes in some way shape or form , the item it is attached to.

So let's talk about our human labels. I will use myself for an example. I am a mother, sister, daughter, friend, spiritual leader, coach , mentor, travel buddy etc. If I never used any of those labels what would I be left with? I would be left with my true nature of a spirit being wrapped in an earth suit. Who I am is not what I do, or how I show up to other people. Who I am is an infinite being with unlimited power and access to the spirit realm. We create from a place of the spirit, not from the label we have attached ourselves to.

In an effort for connection and belonging, we have at times acted the role that is connected to the label, but I want to encourage you to go deeper than the label. Your creativity is at your core. Your ability to spiritually produce is at your core. It is the reason why healing trauma is so important because IT AFFECTS WHO YOU ARE AT THE CORE.

When you lose yourself in the label you assumed or the one others placed on you, it can be a tedious journey back. When you come back, you will better understand the pressure that came along with the label, was self or people imposed. There is never pressure when you operate from your CORE. Being your authentic self doesn't require an addition of a label. Sure connections are wonderful and belonging is great until authenticity is sacrificed. Authenticity is simply you standing and shining WHILE CONNECTED. It is interdependence with those around you.

My hope for you today, is that you don't cave to the pressure of belonging by attaching yet another label. True acceptance happens whether a label is present or not.

Living Authentically With You,


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