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A Sacred Journey! Your Path of Discovery

There is so much to be said regarding our individual journey's. Many of us are on a spiritual path that has caused us to explore so many parts of ourselves. What I love about a sacred journey is that it directs you within. It causes us to tap into that infinite power, that we have always had access to.

If you were like me I was groomed in Christianity and so appreciate my foundation. It wasn't until my late thirties that I really begin to delve deeper . I knew there was more to spirituality than any religion. I became a seeker because I just knew the Spirit was greater than one religion. What I found was limitless sacred practices. I never knew a run or walk could be sacred . But when you couple it with meditation and just being present, so many answers are unfolded during that time. I added to my foundation of Christianity research. I learned to eat the meat through the bones away. There was a lot I had to unlearn, because it simply was doctrinal error. There was more I needed to embrace that was skipped over all together.

My whole point of this post is to remind you to make this sacred journey YOUR OWN. You be the seeker. Stop taking others word for it and research yourself. Expand your mind to the things that will direct you to your souls purpose. WE ALL are here for more than one reason. Beginning and remaining consistent on your sacred journey can certainly put you on the path of discovery. :)


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