Have you always felt like an outsider? Just never really fit into the circles others were comfortable with? Do you have a unique purpose in the earth along with increasing in God Consciousness? THEN YOU ARE THE REMNANT! 

The Remnant are in the minority not the majority. We are the influencers, the creators, the entrepreneurs with BOLD VOICES! We are not afraid to break down traditional and religious systems and re-establish freedom as a NORM! 

I am called to the CALLED OUT ONES! My work is to fortify YOU AND SOLIDIFY YOUR VOICE. No matter what area you exist in seven mountains of Kingdom, Family, Education, Politics, Arts and Entertainment, Media or Business.


I am here to DO LIFE WITH YOU. My desire is to keep you cognizant of your HEALING JOURNEY, while you become influential in the earth.

If you've felt a pull in your spirit that says "There has to be more than this," then it's time to tune in and connect to the fullness of whom God has purposed you to be.

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